Current Members

Dr. Demet Goen Colak

Dr. Demet Göen ÇOLAK received her M.Sc. (2001) and Ph.D. degree (2009) from the Chemistry Program of  Istanbul Technical University where she has been also working as a research and teaching assistant since 1999.  Her research t

Dr. Baris Kiskan

I have gained a strong background in polymers, thermosetting materials, conducting polymers and their detailed characterization with the state of the art instruments. These research experiences were mainly developed during my PhD in the Departme

Dr. Ali Gorkem Yilmaz

Dr. Ali Gorkem Yilmaz received his MSc (2009) and PhD (2015) at Istanbul Technical University from the Chemistry Programme. His research interest covers the utilization of photochemistry for organic syntheses, development of new photoinitiating syste

Dr. Johannes Kreutzer

Johannes Kreutzer studied chemistry in Graz (AT), Syracuse (USA) and Istanbul (TR) and graduated from Graz University of Technology in 2010. He received his PhD in 2015 from Vienna University of Technology, where his work focused on organic/inorganic

Dr. Mustafa Ciftci

Mustafa Ciftci received his MSc (2012) and PhD (2016) in chemistry from Istanbul Technical University under the supervision of Professor Yusuf Yagci. His research topics mainly focus on the design of functional branched polymers, photoinitiated

Dr. Mustafa Arslan

Mustafa graduated from Yalova University, earning a B.Sc. degree in Polymer Engineering in 2014 with a high honor degree. He began his master degree research at Yalova University, under Profesor M. Atilla Tasdelen in 2014. Mustafa enjoys sp

Dr. Antonino Puglisi

Antonino received both his MSc and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Catania (Italy). He then moved to the UK where he was postdoc at Greenwich University and then at Sussex University working on cyclodextrin derivatives for biomedical applicat

Cansu Aydogan (Ph.D.)

Cansu Aydogan received her B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from Marmara University, in 2011. She completed her M.Sc. studies at the Department of Chemistry in Istanbul Technical University under the supervision of Professor Yusuf Yagci, in 2014. Her resear

Yonca Alkan (Ph.D.)

Yonca Alkan received her B.Sc degree from Middle East Technical University Chemistry Department (2013) and M.Sc. (2015) from Chemistry Department of the Istanbul Technical University. She has been research assistant since 2014. Her research topics fo

Tugrul Cem Bicak (Ph.D.)

Tuğrul Cem Bicak received his B.Sc. degree in Enviromental Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, in 2011. During his master studies, he worked on photo reactions of benzophenones and he completed his M.Sc. studies in the Dep

Kerem Kaya (Ph.D.)

Kerem graduated from Koç University earning a BSc degree in Chemistry(2007). He then had his MSc degree from Istanbul Technical University Chemistry Department in 2011.  He is currently working on thioxanthone derivatives and stable dimer

Azra Kocaarslan (M.Sc.)

Azra Kocaarslan graduated from Istanbul University (2015) and starded her M.Sc. (2015) in Istanbul Technical University Chemistry Programme (2015). Her research topics focus on photopolymerization.

Erdem Sari (M.Sc.)

Erdem Sarı graduated from Istanbul Technical University chemistry(2015) and chemical engineering (2016). He started his M.Sc. (2015) in Istanbul Technical University Chemistry Programme (2015). His research to

Zeynep Deliballi (M.Sc.)

​Zeynep Deliballi graduated from Istanbul Technical University (2016) and starded her M.Sc. (2016) in Istanbul Technical University Chemistry Programme. Her research topics focus on benzoxazines.

Buket Akkus (M.Sc.)

Buket was graduated from Marmara University Chemistry teaching department with first among her class. She entered MSc program of ITU in 2017. Her research topic is Benzoxazines.

Simal Aykac (B.Sc.)

Simal was accepted to Chemistry Department of Istanbul Technical University in 2012. Her research topics focus on photopolymerization.

Gizem Kaya (B.Sc.)

Ms. Kaya was born in 1993 in İstanbul (Turkey). She completed his primary and secondary education in Istanbul. She was accepted to Chemistry Department of Istanbul Technical University in 2012. Gizem enjoys spending time with cinema, sport