Current Members

Dr. Baris Kiskan

I have gained a strong background in polymers, thermosetting materials, conducting polymers and their detailed characterization with the state of the art instruments. These research experiences were mainly developed during my PhD in the Departme

Dr. Ali Gorkem Yilmaz

Dr. Ali Gorkem Yilmaz received his MSc (2009) and PhD (2015) at Istanbul Technical University from the Chemistry Programme. His research interest covers the utilization of photochemistry for organic syntheses, development of new photoinitiating syste

Dr. Kerem Kaya

Kerem graduated from Koç University earning a BSc degree in Chemistry(2007). He then had his MSc degree from Istanbul Technical University Chemistry Department in 2011.  He is currently working on thioxanthone derivatives and stable dimer

Azra Kocaarslan (PhD Student)

Azra Kocaarslan received her B.Sc degree from Istanbul University (2015) and M.Sc. (2017) from Chemistry Department of the Istanbul Technical University Her research topics focus on benzoxazine chemistry.

Semira Bener (PhD Student)

Semira Bener received her BSc degree in chemistry from Istanbul University and MSc degree in chemistry from Istanbul Technical University under the supervision of Professor Bedia Erim Berker. She worked at Istanbul Kultur University as a teaching ass

Zeynep Deliballi (PhD Student)

​Zeynep Deliballi graduated from Istanbul Technical University (2016) and starded her M.Sc. (2016) in Istanbul Technical University Chemistry Programme. Her research topics focus on benzoxazines.

Tugba Celiker (PhD Student)

Tugba graduated from Yıldız Technical University earning a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry (2013). She then had her M.Sc. degree from İstanbul Technical University from Chemistry Department in 2018. She is currently working on photopolymerization.

Huseyin Cem Kiliclar (PhD Student)

Huseyin Cem graduated from Istanbul Technical University earning a BSc degree in Chemistry (2016). He then had his MSc degree from Istanbul Technical University, Chemistry Department in 2019. He has been research assistant since 2016. He is curr

Zehra Gul Coban (M.Sc.)

Zehra Gul Coban graduated from Marmara University-Chemistry Department in 2018. She started her M.Sc. at Istanbul Technical University, Chemistry programme in 2019. Her research topic focus on Benzoxazines.

Ali Süerkan (M.Sc.)

Ali graduated from Kocaeli University earning a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry(2020). He studied at Universidade de Vigo in Spain within the Erasmus program(2018-2019). He started his M.Sc. at Istanbul Technical University Chemistry Programme.

Mehmet Bilgehan Bilgiç (M.Sc.)

Mehmet Bilgehan Bilgiç majored in Chemistry and double majored in Chemical Engineering at METU. During his undergraduate studies, he visited UC Berkeley Department of Chemistry. His research focuses of synthesis and application of novel MOFs.